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We offer only the best safe sports headgear in the world. Shop our incredible selection today and save on money, but don’t compromise on sports safety. If you have any questions about our Safe Sports Headgear, contact us and we would love to give you a hand. Many contact sports are covered, including skiing, martial arts and cycling


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The choice of safe sports headgear – hard and soft shelled helmets, has never been more important than now. Our selection of safe sports headgear has been carefully curated to include the best brands today, covering a myriad of different sports including skiing, ice hockey, a variety of martial arts, football and cycling. Concussions in sports is one of the biggest topics in athletics today. New, functional safe sports headgear for contact and high impact sports is a necessity for both parents of young athletes and for high school, college and pro contact sports. Even sports that are not associated with violent head contact, like soccer, can benefit the safety of their players by requiring safe sports headgear for practice sessions.

         For the last 7 years, as this article shows, all major professional sports leagues have specific policies concerning concussion protection. Many of us have heard of the disasters that have occurred on the football fields, and the sad cases of veteran athletes who have developed severe cognitive impairments that have ballooned alcoholism and suicide rates. safe sports headgear could have had an impact on those statistics. The studies of post mortem brains of football players and boxers show severe damage and disease of the brain called dementia pugilistica. Safe sports headgear could have prevented these outcomes. Our website,, can hopefully add to the choices that athletes young and old need for the most up to date technology in the construction of the best hard shelled, and soft shelled safe head gear for sports in the field of safe sports headgear today.

         Head injuries, like concussions, can last for an undetermined amount of time. Coaches and players, as well as game officials, need to be aware of the first signs of serious head injuries. Some of the symptoms include headaches, nausea, and vomiting. In addition , athletes may show speech impairment, trouble with balance, and in some severe cases, debilitating headaches long after the injury has occurred. Emotional instability , drowsiness and trouble falling asleep are also common post traumatic  symptoms. Our safe sports headgear can help prevent these injuries

         There have been numerous attempts at preventing concussions, such as the establishment of the PACE (Protecting Athletes Through Concussion Education) program, which works with the imPACT system, which is currently used by every NFL and some NHL teams. Safer sports headgear have played a role in this.The problem of head injuries plaguing competitive contact sports today isn’t just relegated to the male athlete. Numerous reports have indicated that female athletes suffer more concussions than male athletes. One  report states that over 29,000 female high school soccer players in the United States suffered from concussions in 2005, compared to 20,929 male players. In high school basketball, 12,923 girls suffered from concussions while only 3,823 boys did. Girls also sustained more concussions in softball, compared to boys in baseball. Female athletes also had longer recovery times than males, and also had lower scores on visual memory tests. Girls also have longer recovery times for concussions, which may be due to a greater rate of blood flow in the brain. Safer sports headgear available to female athletes could have prevented this sad statistic.

           Our line of Safe Sports Headgear is uniquely designed padded & soft protective headgear is molded out of the finest EVA rubber foam, offering maximum protection from impacts and collisions. The hook and loop chin strap combined with adjustable laces in the back, enables the protective headgear to custom fit each person’s head. Our safe sports headgear is molded out of the highest quality impact foams on the market, offering maximum protection upon impact. We plan on adding to our selection of safe headgear as demand indicates, including offering accessories to make our customer experience of shopping for safe sports headgear the best it can be. Whatever sport you are playing, stay safe and gear up with our great selection of headgear, shoulder pads, and other training equipment. Thank you for shopping with Safe Headgear.